Diesel Advantage-card

Diesel Advantage

The Diesel Advantage card operates on the ever expanding Keyfuels network, which is excellent for HGV and fleet vehicles. Online authorisation adds to the card security.


  • Wholesale Diesel price
  • Strong HGV network
  • Online authorisation
  • Over 1,800 locations on Keyfuels

Diesel Advantage
The Diesel Advantage card operates on the Keyfuels network, which is ideal for fleets of HGVs and LCVs. It offers a weekly fixed price for diesel and access to over 1,830 sites.

The Keyfuels network is constantly expanding and currently stands at just over 1,830 locations across the UK. The network is concentrated on motorways and major roads, making it an excellent choice for delivery vehicles of any size.

We send out prices by email or text each Friday for the following week. Prices are fixed for the week, and are applicable across the whole network, except for a small surcharge we pass on from Keyfuels for collections at Morrison locations.

All Diesel Advantage cards are PIN protected and with close to 100% of the sites protected by online authorisation, the Keyfuels network is the forefront of protecting customers from fraudulent activity.

Watson Fuelcards send out invoices via email on a weekly basis, along with a detailed transaction report. Our standard terms are 14 days direct debit, allowing up to 21 days credit on your transactions.