How can fuel cards save me money?

By giving you more control over your fuel purchasing, fuel cards will save you money against the pump price. Greater security and control over spending will help, as will a reduction in your time spent dealing with pay and reclaim paperwork. 

How do I apply for a fuel card account?

Please call us on 01666 510612. We will go through the details over the phone and set up a direct debit for you. Once your account has been passed for credit, we can order your new cards.

When will I receive my fuel cards?

Fuel cards are issued 10 working days from being ordered. PIN information will be sent under separate cover at the same time.

I have an account with Watson Fuels already. What is the process for getting a fuel card account as well?

Please call us on 01666 510612. We will ensure you are qualified for your fuel card account. We will then get your account set up quickly and can then benefit from the savings and efficiencies a fuel card account with Watson Fuelcards will bring to your company.

How do I order additional cards?

Either by contacting us by phone on 01666 510612 or emailing us at cards@watsonfuels.co.uk. Please include the details you would like to appear on the cards.

How do I can stop or cancel cards?

Please call us on 01666 510612 or email cards@watsonfuels.co.uk detailing the card(s) you wish to stop or cancel.

Do you provide detailed transaction reports?

Each weekly invoice is sent out with a transaction report. This will enable you to see which vehicles have been refuelled and who has been using their card. This is sent out in Microsoft Excel format so you can use the data to create your own reports.

Is the fuel card linked to a driver or vehicle?

The fuel card can be linked to either the car or driver, or both. Please specify when you order the cards.

Which is best, a pump price or wholesale price card?

This is best discussed with one of our sales people. We endeavour to ensure that you are qualified with a card to best suit your priorities.