Why fuel cards

The benefits of fuel cards
Purchasing your fuel with fuel cards is of benefit to all sizes of fleet. A wide range of advantages will be available to your business.

Consistent and competitive pricing
Fuel cards offered on a wholesale price basis provide the reassurance of pricing certainty, no matter what the retail price on offer.
We also offer cards on a pump price related basis, on networks where prices are competitive, regardless of whether it is petrol or diesel you require.

Monitor and analyse fuel usage
Transaction reporting allows in depth analysis of fuel usage in any size of fleet. This can enable you to look at buying patterns, cost centre purchasing and analysis of fuel economy.

Most fuel cards have the option to specify exactly what can and cannot be bought with them. Fuel types can be specified, along with options to include AdBlue, lubricants and shop goods. In some cases more detailed restrictions can be applied to manage usage.

Improved administration
In addition to security, the simplicity of seeing all your fleet’s fuel purchases on one VAT approved invoice takes away arduous administrative tasks.

High quality service
Finally, if you select a service orientated company like Watson Fuelcards to provide your fuel cards, the service they offer ensures that the purchasing of fuel is one less headache you need to worry about.