Why fuel cards

Fuel cards are a simple way to stay on top of your fuel spend. Manage costs across your fleet, keep your admin time to a minimum and take advantage of savings on fuel.

Saving you time
Fuel cards aggregate all payments across your fleet for petrol and/or diesel, as well as lubricants and AdBlue. You’ll have one VAT approved invoice, a single direct debit to pay and every fuel bill held in one place for HMRC.

Reducing your fuel costs
Whether you opt for wholesale or pump prices, fuel cards give you access to lower rates. At Watson Fuelcards, our pricing is always consistent with the market, ensuring it is fair and reliable.

Giving you peace of mind
Most fuel cards give you the option to specify exactly what can and cannot be bought with them, from fuel and lubricant types to shop items. Our team can also help you set more detailed restrictions and strict spending limits.

An entire fuel spend picture
With all your fuel spending clearly tracked, you can automatically download transaction reports to give you in depth analysis of your fleet’s fuel usage. You can assess buying patterns, cost centre purchasing and fuel economy.

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