Combines the UK Fuels network with Texaco locations to provide an excellent solution for both HGV and van fleets. A wholesale diesel and petrol rate applies across the network.


  • Over 2,000 locations
  • Diesel and Unleaded
  • Wholesale price
  • Large number of HGV friendly sites

The Fastfuel card offers access to all Texaco service stations along with the UK Fuels network. Fastfuel is accepted at over 2,000 locations across the country and is ideal for fleets which run on diesel, petrol or a mixture of both.

The Fastfuel network comprises of all Texaco service stations and most sites on the UK Fuels network.

We send out prices by email or text each Friday for the following week. Prices are fixed for the week, and are applicable across the whole network, except for a small surcharge we pass on from UK Fuels for collections Tesco and Morrison locations.

PIN management and online authorisation make the Fastfuel card a secure option for managing your fleet.